Time for Christians to listen

You know, when an Agnostic Jewish news satirist starts quoting Scripture to a TV Preacher and, frankly, makes a whole lot more sense of a tragedy than the preacher – something is seriously “off.”  Do we really care so little for our testimony to Jesus’ Kingdom that we’d rather spend our time trying to show why “they” deserved it?  And, no, I don’t think the “well we just need to pray for these people” excuses the insanity.  I have a friend whose church has missionaries on the ground during the quake – one lost her leg when a building collapsed on her.  I’d say that blood shed in humble service to the King of Kings while suffering with the powerless should trump any urban legend about a pact with Satan.  Anyway, watch John Stewart rip Pat to pieces while showing him what he should be doing instead.

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  1. Cathi says:

    Unbelievable. When I first heard that piece by Pat Robertson, I was astonished, how totally cold hearted a person can he be? Or perhaps he believes he is as an old testament prophet? A self proclaimed modern Jeremiah or Obadiah, declaring doom? He makes Christianity look more evil and uncaring than the devil himself. Who would even think to look into the love of God after hearing comments like that? Leave it to John Stewart to reply with wit, sarcasm and intellegence!

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