The retreat is over, gotta breathe..

For the last couple of months my long-term focus was on developing the Student Chaplain retreat.  It’s quite a bit of work, preparing a retreat, but it’s rewarding to focus on a particular topic with a group for an extended period.  In fact, the chaplain retreat is a highlight of every January for me.

This year’s retreat was centered on the importance of testimony in the Christian life, and it was reasonably well-recieved.  I’m always my own worst critic, so I just look at what should have been better, but people seemed to appreciate the sessions and small group exercise.  We also had one chaplain share a bit of her story growing up after having a hemispherectomy, that was particularly special (thanks for sharing, Jody).  During our worship this morning the chaplains also wrote prayers and gave offerings to be used for the ABCNJ Haitian relief fund.  Their generosity was touching, and the prayers they wrote were beautiful (I’ve got pictures of them, actually).

At 17, t was a smaller group this year than in the past, but the people who came seemed to get along very well and that came out in the small group exercises, as well as in the creativity of the skits they acted out in the evening.  So, all in all, well worth the time and effort.  During the retreat I was able to capture some video and pictures on my iPhone, and was able to put this video together from a few snippets during the retreat – the results are the video embedded here.  A couple of the prayers the chaplains wrote for Haiti are included in the final product, enjoy!

Oh, and the whole thing was edited and uploaded via my iPhone too using the ReelDirector app.