Accordance Training Seminar – Top 10 Reasons to Come


On March 19th, beginning at 9AM, Central Baptist Church will be hosting an Accordance Training Seminar.  Registrations have been… a little slow… so I’m giving you the top 10 reasons to come to the Accordance Training Seminar in Palmyra, NJ.

10. Discover that there really is something in New Jersey between Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore!

9. Get bragging rights for actually having discovered an old Church with both stained glass and wi-fi.

8. See Accordance run on Wezlo’s shiny new iPad 2 (he hopes).

7. Witness a special skype call with Accordance’s own “Dr. J.”  Who will announce that he’s planning on using his media empire to run for president! (OK, I just made that one up…)

6. See Accordance’s 3d Atlas on the big screen – without glasses!

5. Several months ago, the congregation’s remaining stashes of Maxwell House “coffee” were rounded up and burned. We only have “the good stuff.”

4. You want to make Wezlo really, really, happy.

3. Be part of our study on the impact of fluorescent lights and spirituality. (Yah, I made that one up too, but does anyone want to write a grant?)

2. We’ll have free food.

1. Because Accordance is just plain amazing, and you’d be silly to pass this opportunity up!

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  1. Frank says:

    Sorry Wes. My Mom is coming that weekend. My consideration was obliterated by this fact.

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