Satire is FUN


I’m a Baptist pastor, but this conversation is one I’ve had far too many times in the past.  After I have a conversation with some of my low-Church brethren, I’m often left wondering two things:

  1. Why am I immediately terrified when a Christian comes up to me and begins a conversation with, “Brother?” (or, actually, why does it appear to me that that fear is too often-times justified?)
  2. Why do I feel like I have to convince someone that I’m actually a Christian when I mention the benefit something like the Church Calendar has had on my spiritual journey?

I must admit, there are times where I want to go into a corner and just be left alone.  Here’s the video, laugh at my pain with me.


  1. jimgetz says:

    The Kirk Cameron jokes made the clip.

  2. wezlo says:


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