Church of intensely laid-back whacky disciples

As last night’s deacons meeting our community garden was brought up. It’s produced a yield that we couldn’t have possible imagined, which has lead to the garden getting a tad over-run. It was brought up that the garden has been awesome, but we needed to lay out a plan to really put the “community” in community garden (which has been hit or miss this summer). I had woken up from a nap about 40 minutes prior to the meeting, so I was a little loopy and blurted out, “We need to harness the awesomeness. Or, if we want to go with the fad of the day, we should add ‘epic’ to awesomeness.”

Later, we were talking out the evenings if prayer we are holding on the fourth Thursday of every month. September’s meeting is scheduled the night before I head up to Annual Session. I described that dilemma this way, “OK, but the fourth Thursday in September I’m going to be so stressed out that I probably will need some spiritual vallium, but someone is going to have to remind me in late August that I need to have this meeting put together long before that week (hard as it seems to believe, by the time Annual Session roles around I cant stand the sight of Keynote). People looked at me funny after the “vallium” comment. People look at me funny a lot, actually.

When the meeting was ending I quipped up, “Let us harness the epic awesomeness.”. People chuckled, but then another deacon chimed in with, “Or, we can combine them both and make our motto, ‘Let us harness the epic awesomeness of spiritual vallium.'” We all laughed.

What is the point if this post? Only to say that is is nice to be part of a congregation which matches my quirkiness and enjoys laughing at itself. Central is a great source of joy for me, thank you all.