First Game

Thursday night the NFL season opened. As the Philadelphia Eagles are the defending Super Bowl Champions the league was in Philly for a kickoff party. That evening it dawned on me that this was the first regular season football game of Bump’s life and our team was playing in the game.

Commemorating in Final Cut

I spent Tuesday evening doing some experimentation as I tried to create a personal commemoration of the Eagles Super Bowl win.


The NFL Draft was held in Philly this week. The region has been buzzing with excitement, and the “powers that be” in sports 1 have been effusive in their praise for the event. As a native Philadelphian I am often annoyed by the way our city is portrayed in the common narratives of much national…

Center City

Title: Painfully-Hopeful-2016 Author: Wes Allen Base Header Level: 1 Format: complete Several weeks ago we were driving home at night and I happened to look toward Center City Philadelphia1 just as we were crossing over the Cooper River. I said to my friend, “We need to get back here.” He agreed. Unfortunately, we’ve been caught…

Defiance – a bonus blog

I’m entitling this image “Defiance,” but you have to be from the Philly area 1 to really understand why 2. And know the weather report… ↩ That’s not milk, by the way. ↩

Snow Bowl

Yesterday it felt like our Philadelphia fate was going to happen again. Everything about the game seemed to be stacked in our favor. We were playing at home. It was SNOWING. We were playing a dome team. Any Philly fan could tell you, “Of course we’d be losing that game. Don’t you remember the NFC…