Looking forward in 2015

My good friend Jamison had a conversation with me the other day about being intentional about creating something each and every day in the new year. Jamison has a wide array of creative interests, and his pursuit ought to be of extraordinary interest for folks. Make sure you bookmark the link for his Second Runnings blog. He may not make this the location for his daily creations, but I’m sure he’ll point to them from there. You won’t regret it.

I’ve also been toying with being more deliberate about exploring creativity in the coming year – specifically with blogging. I’ve let Painfully Hopeful remain fallow for too long and I’d like to make it more active. Today, I begin – the goal is to create a post every day in 2015. If I can get through January it should be smooth sailing from there.

For those of you who know me, the impulse to “creative something, every day” might seem odd. My current vocation, both as a pastor and communications coordinator for ABCNJ gives me ample opportunities for creativity. I make custom images, logos, newletters, eBooks, and (of course) sermons each and every week. In fact, I do these things just about every day of each and every week. I enjoy these outlets, and am proud of what I’m able to develop, but these projects are always done at the behest of others. On this blog, in the coming year, I want to create posts just because. It’s creativity as recreation, rather than vocation. Hopefully, it will accomplish what recreation true goal is – a rhythmic renewal of what makes me human.

What can you expect in the coming year? Well, if you look at my archives you’ll get a good glimpse of the type of writing I do – reviews, reflections, comics, and howto posts will probably make up the bulk of what I create this year. Though, if I’m feeling up to it I might decide to do some “creative writing” as well – probably short stories and world creation1. Anyway, it’s an audacious goal which will stretch me into a new discipline – I hope folks will enjoy this ride with me.

  1. I have a novel that’s been fallow for a couple of years as I’ve awaited for Scrivener to complete it’s iOS version. My world building posts will probably flesh out The Realm, the land in which the narrative is placed. 

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  1. I’d like to make two recommendations, one is self serving, the other is not. Let’s get the former out of the way. My library has a writer’s group that meets monthly. I hear lots of positive feedback about it. Please give it a try! In addition to the meetings, we participate in the New Jersey Author’s Network and the South Jersey NaNoWriMo, so we host some cool workshops that may interest you. Second, think about signing up for an improvisational acting workshop. If you’re looking for “AHA! moments”, you will find them there, because in between the lessons in acting and storytelling is an undercurrent of insights about human nature. I look forward to sharing your delight in your discoveries.

    1. The girl might be interested in the writer’s group!

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