Expectation in Frame

Re-enactor awaits the coming of the fife & drums corps in Williamsburg, VA

I’m really not feeling well so my entry for today is this image, probably my favorite photo taken down in Williamsburg, VA.

Framed in the image is one of the colonial re-enactors awaiting the fife & drums corps on the courthouse green. It’s a big event most days in the historic area, and one of my favorite. In this image the main subject has her back turned to me, but is in a posture of hopeful expectation. The depth-of-field highlights her nicely against the backdrop.

I guess that’s one thing which fascinates me about history. It’s made up of people who really were just looking toward the future in hopeful expectation. Some of their hopes came to pass, many were dashed, but they tried anyway.

Of course, the posture of hope and expectation resonates with me as well. I really want to feel better – and be able to speak.