The Old Gate

Old Gate

I still feel like I’ve been hit with a steam-roller, but I want to offer something on the blog today.

You may recognize the above photo from the featured image I posted yesterday. This is, obviously, the full image. It’s an old gate found on the grounds of Hopewell Iron Forge, an “iron plantation” located on the Pennsylvania Historic Trail. It’s well-worth a visit if you pass signs for it on the PA Turnpike.

The image of this gate, almost all that remains of a picket fence behind one of the worker’s homes, is a wonderful reminder of how all things human-made fade. When the forge was running it was part of the emerging industrial revolution, and even forged some cannon for the Continental forces during the Revolution. As it’s won’t to do, however, Technology moved on from charcoal-fired to coal-fired furnaces throughout the nineteenth century. Eventually, it could no longer compete and was shut down.

Things we believe are permanent are really only temporary. Eventually time, culture, technology, and needs shift – leaving only weathered reminders of a glorious past. Beautiful? Yes, but they are also reminders of something lost.