“Doing Stuff”

I put the video embedded below on my other social networking feeds yesterday, but I felt it was a good fit for today’s blog post. Especially since I posted a sermon yesterday.

On Saturday, April 18, Central Baptist Church held a Chili Cook-Off fundraiser to support the Cedars of Lebanon Campaign – helping to raise an endowment for our region’s summer camp.

It was a fantastic event, organized by some fantastic people. As pastor, I really just had to show up, shake hands, eat chili, take pictures, and sing occasionally. I simply wasn’t needed. I love it when I’m not needed – it shows the community is working to accomplish goals which are beyond my ability to undertake. It’s a beautiful thing.

After all was said and done we counted the money raised at the event and totaled it at $1803. I felt immense joy as hearing the cheer as the number was put up on screen this morning. It was a genuine acknowledgement that the congregation had actually accomplished something. After worship I was speaking with one of our members who said, “I was just talking with and they said, ‘It feels like our church is doing stuff.’”

We’re waking up to the gifts we’ve been given. It’s a beautiful thing of which to be a part.