Unpacking Departure

There will be a brief exchange between Raleigh and Walter next week, but after that the town of Water Gap will be left behind. It’s a bit of a shame, really. Water Gap might be a small town by the standard of The Valleys, but it’s unique position in it’s society has made it develop a fascinating sub-culture. Outside The Ravine, for example, it’s the only location in The Valleys which boasts a strong restaurant scene – being at the junction between the Inner Valleys and the outer settlements makes it a nexus for the various products of The Valleys, and food is a major trade item.

We’ll also be leaving behind Ami for a while. I kind of like her and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see her in action more. I’m not sure what when we’ll meet her again, but I hope it’s not too far off. Unfortunately, she’ll be busy taking up the healer position in Water Gap, and the traveling companions won’t be turning back that way for some time. I especially like that she treats Jeremy with a bit of snarky indifference. A lot of people will be treating him with deference, Ami’s pokes help ground him.

Ama really needs to protect that letter. It might be interesting to see what some folks might to when they find out it exists.

The “fine wonder of The Boulevard” is a tunnel, one of several on the road, and the first that was ever cut. It’s this tunnel which allows Water Gap to be the economic hub that it’s become.


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