Recovering from a “Three Day Weekend”

I’ve determined that I don’t much care for three day weekends. Actually, that’s not quite true, I kind of enjoy the fun of three day weekends. What I don’t like is the aftermath.

the-puddleAs an introvert, I have a finite amount of energy to expend dealing with other human-beings 1. When that reserve is used up I crash pretty fast and tend to become extremely grumpy. Because of this, Sundays are a a day of great stress for me. I’ve got to balance my energy reserves well enough to be able to function during worship, and save just a bit for the afternoon so I’m not a monster at home. I try to time it so I begin to crash near bedtime. This is OK because Monday is my day off. I spend that day recharging and getting ready to handle the week.

This is why three day weekends are such a strain on me. My day of recharging suddenly gets filled with the impulses of extroverts, because a three-day weekend is a social holiday. Now I joke that I’m anti-social, but it’s not really true. I really enjoy having folks over to cook out, or chat by the pool, or get together for a cup of coffee. I am a social creature, and so I love having a cook out on people’s extra day off. It’s just that it screws up my routine of recharging my social batteries, and I feel the impact it has. Without that time of recharging, I find myself more easily stressed, far more grumpy, and more likely to snap at someone when I’m trying to concentrate. Driving after a three day weekend is particularly tormenting.

What’s this mean? It means I’m still exploring ways to compensate for the rest-day a three day weekend steals from me. As much as I enjoy the extra time with friends, it comes as a price.

  1. I was recently musing on what I should be on my grave-marker. I came to the conclusion it should read, “Shut up and leave me alone.” A friend of mine said she wants, “Just one more story!” I think we ought to be buried next to each other. 

4 thoughts on “Recovering from a “Three Day Weekend”

  1. Don’t worry when it’s time to occupy the marker’s space, the three day weekend will stretch out to eternity and then you will get used to the three-dat week end.

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  2. I hear you. I am also an introvert. Where I work, the day after a holiday is always pure chaos, so much so, I question whether it’s even worth it. Monday, I was so stressed about anticipating Tuesday, I had to skip my social plans and curl up on my recliner and cry instead. It turned out that my Tuesday was not as bad as I anticipated, it was even worse. I got through it, but I can’t help but think, it really shouldn’t be this hard…right?

  3. I love your thoughts and the way you have articulated them here.
    I’m not particularly introverted but I struggle with stuff that makes me feel very itchy and unsettled. Weekends, particularly Sundays, always seem to get to me. Can’t even put my finger on it… Just something about a Sunday that leaves me feeling more depleted than recharged! THREE DAY weekends even more so!
    Thanks for the interesting read!


  4. This is so true! I always feel as if I need another day off to recover from a three day weekend. I love spending time with people, but I also need to be alone to regain my sanity 🙂

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