Processing Humility

old gateYesterday was one of those days where I was woefully aware of how inadequate I am compared to the calling placed on my life. Please understand, I don’t view being reminded of that as a bad thing. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary. Yesterday had to be one of those days where I did my best and hoped Jesus would take care of things almost in spite of me. It’s a healthy thing to reminded of my own weakness, humility is essential to live well.

Still, days like that can be lonely so when they occur it’s nice to be able to something both simple and satisfying. To that end, this evening I texted my neighbor, “Photowalk later?”

He was in.

The light wasn’t great, so my pictures will be anything to write home about, but it was just good to step back and enjoy looking for beauty in the world. It was also good to take the walk with a friend and chat “shop” while his daughter recorded the two nerds in front of her in semi-stunned disbelief.


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  1. The only fitting way to respond to God’s grace is to serve Him in humility and love.

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