The Third Base Line

Freddie Galvis at Shortstop
Freddie Galvis gets ready to field a ball at shortstop.

Yesterday, just before 1 o’clock, a friend of mine texted me, “Do you want two front row tickets to the Phillies game? It starts at 3:05.” When I asked why she couldn’t use the tickets herself she replied she was too sick. Knowing it was supposed to thunderstorm that afternoon I did a quick check to see if the game would be rained out so she could hold on to the tickets, but the radar showed nothing and I accepted gratefully. Two hours later I was in section 136, row 1, seat 10. If you watch the Phillies on TV, that’s right behind the tarp.

At that distance the game speeds up tremendously. This is partially because you have to be aware of potential foul balls flying at your head, but also because you gain a better perspective at how little reaction time there is once the ball is put into play. I marvel at the skills baseball requires.

At the same time, the stands are actually much more relaxed. The last few times I’ve gone down to the ballpark I’ve been surrounded by what can only be described as “drunk idiots” – these are the people who order 10 beers at last call, and drink them all. They are, unpleasant. The section we were in, however, was filled mostly with season ticket holders. These folks knew the security guy assigned the section, they knew all the vendors, they knew the umpires, they knew the ushers, they knew everyone. Instead of being snobbish about being so connected, though, they were gracious, helpful, and a ton of fun people with whom to watch a game. One gentleman, seated across the aisle from me, even tried his best to get a young girl a ball between innings. During the game he and the security guard chatted about the game, life, and everything in-between – exactly what watching a baseball game should be like. After the game I actually make sure to shake the one gentleman’s hand and uttered a thank you for such a great afternoon.

I am grateful to my good friend for allowing me to get this incredible vantage point of a Major League Baseball game. Feel better soon!

To see some of what I saw during the game, feel free to check out my Flickr Album.

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  1. That was one of those serendipity times, so unexpected pleasures.

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