I’m a little bit Dehazy

There are days where I can’t believe I’m actually paying for a Creative Cloud photography subscription. Over time it’s going to be a significant financial investment. Then Adobe releases a new version of the software that I automatically get to download and I find myself not caring. This was one of those weeks where I don’t care if I’m paying monthly, I love instant access to new features.

This week brought a number of improvements to both Photoshop and Lightroom, but there is one feature which is really blowing me away – the new “Dehaze” effect. This is a non-destructive filter, just as with any other Lightroom adjustment, which will remove wanted haze from an image. It’s perfect for rainy days where haze seems to crop up at a moment’s notice, but it’s also great scenery shots taken on overcast days. When I saw the demo video for the effect I was blown away, and I knew immediately the photos on which I could try it. A few weeks back I was taking a shots of Center City 1 from Citizen’s Bank Park and I remember being bummed as the amount of haze obscuring the skyline. The Dehaze filter took care of it, very well. It’s not perfect, and is probably best for elements which are close to the lens, but the differences is dramatic. Check out the galleries below for two examples of the effect in action.

  1. Philly doesn’t have a “downtown.” 

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    1. Was kinda focused on the dehaze thing…. Doofus (have a GREAT marathon this weekend, btw!).

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