Beauty in a world of ugliness

Colorful Tree BarkThere was a cool and gentle rain falling as I walked home from the Church building on Thursday. The kind which beads up on the grass and makes spiderwebs glisten like Christmas lights.

During the short stroll to my house I normally keep my eyes focused on my destination. I tend not to look up or around when I’m “on task,” prepping to do some pastoral task. The rain, however, slowed me down. I enjoyed the cool sensation of the droplets striking my face, and felt myself slowing down.

Then I looked up.

The way the falling water had coated the tree gave rise to a stunning number of earth tones in the bark of the tree in front of my house. The off-whites and rusty reds which you might expect in tree bark were present, but joining them were other browns and even an olive green I’d never seen before. I stopped in the moment and took in the sight. Then fetched my camera and snapped several photographs thinking, “This would make a wonderful color palette for a project!”

The contrast of that moment of beauty and the horrifying news coming from Charleston that day strikes me even more. We humans spawn so much evil, and give in to forces which don’t want us to be at peace with one another. Yet, all around us are reminders of the beauty God created and in which we are meant to live. Sometimes a cooling rain serves as the tears we are too shaken to weep ourselves.


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  1. I see God’s redeeming love pouring down refreshing our weary souls each time there is a gentle rain.

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