On Board a Galleon

Galleon's Flag and Aft Running LightYesterday I headed back down the Camden Waterfront to get a closer look at some of the tall ships which sailed into the Philly area on Thursday. The experience wasn’t quite as fun as I was hoping. We only got to one side of the river, and the ships I really wanted to see were over in Philly 1. The ferry was just too backed up and we didn’t feel like paying for parking twice. I’m not a big “crowd” person, and neither are my children – after standing in line to tour a truly magnificent Galleon, we were spent 2.

That didn’t stop me from getting some great photos, though I should have had my ISO up a bit higher. The clouds gave my images a “back lit” feel, making it a bit difficult to bring out the shadows, but Lightroom really helped me out. I’ve added the bulk of yesterday’s photos to my Flickr Album, but the image shared here captures my imagination the most. The running light awaits the coming of dark, while the flag unfurls in the breeze, pointing toward the horizon. I even love that the entire flag isn’t in frame. It gives a sense of incompleteness to the image, and sparks my imagination.

  1. The Coast Guard’s windjammer fascinates me. 
  2. I actually heard someone look over the river and say, “I suppose that’s Philadelphia.” That pretty much did me in.