A Night on the Lawn

The seating area with Church building in the background
A great night on the lawn to take in a film.

The folks at Central Baptist wanted to make sure we remained social this Summer so we didn’t lose any of the positive momentum we’ve built up over the last year. This was a much welcome desire for me, as the dreaded “Summer Doldrums” often kill whatever community momentum we build up over the 10 months of the “school year.”

We wanted to start with something low-key, but fun. I knew folks have wanted to watch Shrek at a movie night for a while, so I suggested we do that. Someone else then posited that we should probably serve ice cream sundaes as a further draw. Finally another person suggested, “Hey, why don’t we do this outside?” By the time someone pointed out that “name redacted” had an inflatable screen the plan was set. On July 1 we would have an ice cream social, followed by an outdoor viewing of Shrek on the church’s back lawn 1.

To say it was a success is an understatement. We estimate around 70 people came out to the lawn to sit, chat, eat ice cream, and take in a fun movie with the neighborhood. Many of our neighbors came, and they brought friends. People even got the idea to back trucks up to the seating area so the kids could stretch out in the bed to watch, we even had a contingent from the Baptist Home come and join in the fun 2. Other folks were a bit bummed we didn’t have an FM broadcast so they could watch the movie in their cars with the AC turned on, but you can’t have everything.

To cap it off we gave people the “full drive-in experience” by beginning the movie while it could barely be seen on the screen 3.

While everything was free, we did collect donations peanut butter and jelly for our local food pantry. People rose to the occasion, we’ll have a good supply to drop off soon.

Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday evening, and thanks to everyone who helped make it possible!

  1. If you’re wondering why it wasn’t a “Christian” film, it’s because we weren’t going for a sermon, we were going for an actual community building event. As it so happens I’ve actually written a pretty good retreat using Shrek to discuss the nature of the Kingdom of God, so I don’t think Shrek is devoid of spiritual value. Plus, it’s absolutely hysterical. 
  2. They were not sitting in the truck bed. 
  3. When we do this again we’ll push it back a half-hour or so. 

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  1. I truly enjoyed myself. I haven’t been to an out door movie for 75 years ago.

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