“Hipster Sam” graces Independence Day

It was a long Independence Day, and this introvert is socialized out. So I’ll share a single image from Riverton’s 4th of July celebrations, and then curl up and go to bed after I schedule this to go live in the morning.

There is a great deal of odd stuff which goes on in Riverton on the 4th. Much of it is fun, some of it can be a bit alarming. Actually, a great deal of the goings on are both fun and alarming, but it rather adds to the charm.

Hipster Sam at the 4th of July ParadeAnd then there is the guy I can only refer to as “Hipster Sam.” I believe I’ve gotten a photo of him previously, but as I was making my way over to the locale where I would later lead the invocation I came across him once again. I held up my camera, caught his eye, and said, “I really have no choice but to take your picture.” He smiled, unburdened himself of a few things, properly fixed his outfit, and struck this pose. “Hipster Sam” is a great image of what a truly unique and bizarre celebration Riverton hosts on July 4th each year. A lot of towns are giving up big celebrations like this one, I’m very glad Riverton is not.

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