Unexpected and Welcome

I’ve written about my weariness after “holiday weekends” before, so I won’t bother rehashing that well-worn topic. Suffice to say, however, Independence Day wiped me out. Good times, but exhausting.

I woke up Sunday barely awake, wanting little more than to kill my alarm, roll over, and sleep until noon. It was Sunday, however, so it wasn’t a day off for pastor-types like me. Don’t misunderstand, I love worship, but this Sunday I was dragging. Being a holiday weekend, I was also expecting many people to be away, which only exacerbated my desire to get some extra sleep.

The raft race in Riverton is a lot of fun, and weird.
The raft race in Riverton is a lot of fun, and weird.

Yet, as with many things, Central surprised me. Folks were not only around, they were as engaging and fun as always. We even had a gentleman visit who was interested in Central’s transition process, and our new structure. Unexpected joys on a Sunday where I’m barely awake are quite a blessing. This didn’t make me any less exhausted, but they did make me glad I didn’t roll over and go back to bed 1.

If you’d care to see the rest of my Independence Day images, see my album on flickr.

  1. Not that I would have. Though I used to joke with the choir we should just go out the back door one Sunday and go out and get breakfast. 


  1. Peg Horton says:

    This is your day off so take advantage of it and rest up. sermon was good and wished I could discuss it further?

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  2. Peg Horton says:

    The Sundays are the best part of the week, and Central has a lot to make it so.

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