Favorite Spots – Maple Shade Custard Stand

In Maple Shade, NJ there is a wonderful spot which reminds the world everything has not been completely homogenized by big corporations. This spot goes by a wonderfully uninspired which also happens to predate the complete and bloody triumph of brand over substanceThe Maple Shade Custard Stand.

The throwback stand is more than a nostalgic call to times past, however, it has a fantastic menu and the best peanut butter sauce in South Jersey. It’s such a cherished spot for my family I decided I needed to put this on my photo-stop tour this Summer. If you are every in the area, do yourself a favor and grab your camera to capture this iconic structure – and then get yourself a yummy treat.

Maple Shade Custard Stand


  1. Peg Horton says:

    Frozen custard is the best . There once one in Burlington . And on rt 38 &206 .

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  2. Cathi Johnson says:

    The Maple Shade Custard stand is the Best!!! And you’re right, it is a wonderfully nostalgic place and has really good custard! It is also opened tear round 😊

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