Stand with Ahmed, let’s start treating our societal PTSD

I wish I didn’t have to do a “bonus post” today, but this is a sign of a serious problem in the culture of the United States. It needs to be addressed.

Ahmed Mohamed is a young man who loves to tinker and create and build. He loves electronics, go karts, and even built a clock simply because it was on his mind. It was the clock which thrust him into the malady currently infecting the American soul. You see, he brought the clock to school becuase he thought it would impress his teachers.

That’s when the police were called in, because obviously if someone with a name like “Ahmed Mohamed” brought a clock to school is must be a bomb*.

Folks, when a child brings in a personal project in order to share it with their teachers the proper response is to celebrate that student’s ingenuity and creativity. Not, as in this case, to call the police.

I am not kidding when I say our culture is suffering from untreated post-traumatic stress disorder, and now this child will (a) mistrust teachers 1 and (b) fear law enforcement. So if he didn’t dislike the country before, he has an actual reason to do so now 2.

#standwithAhmed , it is time we treated our societal mental disorder.

  1. Why bother doing something over the top good if this happens? 
  2. A note to the NSA, I in no way hope he learns to dislike the country. In fact, I hope he’s a lot more forgiving than our societal structures are being toward him. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    What is this country coming to, suspecting young children because. Of his name and/ or color?

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