The Only Winning Move

With all the sabre rattling coming from Russia lately, a number of Gen-Xers have found that we’re reliving parts of our childhood. Only now we’re doing it as adults. This has allowed us to stir from our jaded slumber and assure the generations which came after us, “Don’t worry, folks. We got this.”

I am, a Haiku

… the thing about the truth is, it sets us free.

Responsible Freedom

We sometimes allow ourselves to hold on to the false notion that the “early church” was pristine and that all its theology was settled. The impulse this false notion leads to, especially among low-church folks like us Baptists, is that if we could only get back to the early church all of our problems would go away. But it’s a lie.

Really? I need to write this?

I cannot believe I need to point this out, but it’s something which still needs to be said in 2018 and it’s to the shame of the entire human race.

Team Headache

Last week, Colin Kaepernick, after struggling publicly with the plight black Americans for some time, decided his conscience required him to make a stand. So he remained seated during the playing of the National Anthem during a 49ers preseason game. And the Internet lost it’s collective mind. First, as the name of that end of…

Stand with Ahmed, let’s start treating our societal PTSD

I wish I didn’t have to do a “bonus post” today, but this is a sign of a serious problem in the culture of the United States. It needs to be addressed. Ahmed Mohamed is a young man who loves to tinker and create and build. He loves electronics, go karts, and even built a…