An afternoon with a friend

This afternoon I had lunch with ABCNJ’s Regional Pastor. He’s been on sabbatical for the last couple of weeks and it was good to sit down and simple converse as friends. My rule was “no shop talk,” I tried desperate not to bring up anything ABCNJ. I succeeded, mostly.

After lunch which I headed back to his house and assisted him with setting up the compile settings for a scrivener project he’s working one. It took a while, but eventually we managed to get his output to look the way he wanted 1. I won’t give away the subject of his topic, but I will say I was amazed as how the application managed to handle such a lengthy project so well.

It was fun to help designing the compilation, and I’ll even get a “thank you” in the final product! Who says volunteer IT work doesn’t pay?

  1. Scrivener is amazingly flexible and powerful, but compiling documents takes a good deal of work. 

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