A Holiday Haiku

The holidays come
Parties, full schedules, travel
Is it over yet?

I don’t make it much of a secret that the “Holiday Season” is not my favorite time of the year. The sardonic way Christians go about “keeping Christ in Christmas” is part of my reasoning for this. If I have one more Christian tell me “Merry Christmas,” only to look at me and utter, “Oh are we still allowed to say that?” I may just scream 1.

Mostly, however, I dislike this season for it’s busyness. I have not had a moment to sit down and think for the better part of four weeks, and I’m beat. About this time every year I come to the point where I think, “Have I paid my debt to social convention yet?”

  1. Also, “Xmas” is not an attempt to hide the Christ in Christmas. Or, if it is its a pretty stupid attempt. That’s the Greek letter χ, which is the first letter in “Christos.” You know, Jesus’ title

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  1. A person does not need to celebrate the gift of our Savior with noise, parties, and flashy decorations. I think the gift is so holy it needs one to be pensive. The problem is, people won’t let you be.

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  2. the church has adopted many secular traditions into its practices over the centuries (I am thinking Easter eggs here). I understand your aversion to the busyness of the season, but there is a part of all the busyness that brings the various communities that we are part of together. This is not a bad thing. And, as we celebrate a family member’s birthday, is it not appropriate to celebrate our savior’s birthday? It is really up to the individual as to how much they take part in; what is important to them and their families.

    1. I have to say I’m not sure what you mean with the post as I wasn’t making a declaration for the church. I agree Advent that Advent should be considered a “high” season for congregations. Christmas Eve is one of my most favorite worship services in the entire year. But we’re not celebrating “Jesus’ birthday.” We are recognizing the immense wonder of the incarnation.

      All this post is saying is I personally don’t much care for the “holiday season” and it’s wider trappings as the busyness leaves me emotionally and physically drained. I don’t tell other people they aren’t allowed to enjoy the season, if they want to, more power to them. I’ll just be checking my watch to see when I can make a socially acceptable exit. I also refuse to willingly approach a retail venue between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, because they feel dangerously claustrophobic to me.

  3. I meant by the post that we don’t need all the trappings to celebrate and. At some point we do need to wonder, about GOD’s amazing love through the incarnation that is what I am saying. I. Think of those who have nothing but in their Meager resources celebrate our asaviorz’s birth

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