Flight Time – Drone Crash

Christmas was nice and relaxed this year. It was just our immediate family until the evening so we woke up late, opened, presents, ate some breakfast, and then vegged.

It was my kind of holiday.

I tend not to share “what I got” posts on social media, except in two instances. First, it’s something I find funny 1. Second, it’s something I find amazingly useful which I actually needed.

This year, for example, I received a wonderful camera backpack from my in-laws and shared some pictures on Facebook. I also, however shared a video because #dadscrashdrones is apparently a thing.

The drone has, thus far, survived my feeble attempts to learn it’s flight controls. I have lost one blade, bounced it off the roof of my garage, and crashed it into several trees. I can say I’m almost feeling comfortable with it, but the trim is way off and I need to get that calibrated to the copter will actually hover instead of hopelessly drifting away from me.

Also, the drone is listed as being under the FAA’s registration guidelines, which is nice. Especially since the registration puts all my information out on the web publicly.

  1. Such being gifted close to $150 worth of coffee from various sources. This really happened. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    That is what love is about, but shared all year long. Isn’t it what God did for us, gave us the extravagant gift,His Son, Jesus?

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