Welcome to 2016


My family and I spent New Year’s Eve driving from Williamsburg, VA to our home in NJ. Traffic was wonderfully sparse, but after the long trip home pretty much all we wanted to do was go to bed. We’re not much fun to celebrate New Year’s with, I guess. My son, on the other hand, decided to stay up until 2 AM, the only one in our household to welcome in the New Year 1.

So here are my thoughts for the new year.

First, as yesterday’s post mentioned, I’m going to continue the practice of daily blogging. These reflections have become important to my spiritual life, and I’m loathe to give it up so abruptly. On the other hand, I won’t sweat if I miss a day here or there. This is a discipline, not a burden to which my soul is chained. My original goal has been met, and I’m free to pursue the future of Painfully Hopeful in whatever direction I feel led.

Second, I’m probably going to be posting more theological reflections in the coming year. For my non-Christian readers I actually hope you will find these reflections as illuminations into the struggles and celebrations I experience as a Baptist Pastor. Of course you may not agree, or come from other traditions entirely, and that’s perfectly fine with me 2.

Third, I want to create some more comics in 2016. I’m actually surprised how few I posted last year, and that might be my most disappointing aspect of my blogging journey. I’ll have to begin setting up some quips in my “future drafts” folder. I’ve worked out a couple different ways to create the strips, so they’ll still look good but not be a time consuming to paint. I’ve also been toying with a tongue in cheek comic book done in Grey Scale which deals with “coffee zombies” 3. I’ll need to map that out as I’ll need plenty of cooperation from others as well as some site permissions for photography 4. This should be fun.

Fourth, I’d like to pick a day to do a tech review each week. I really enjoy technology and writing my thoughts on the little projects I do. In fact, I’ve already got a couple of posts in mind for January 5.

That should keep Painfully Hopeful plenty busy in 2016. Thanks for reading and making this a fun hobby to pursue!

As was stated yesterday, Fiction Tuesday will continue. I’m not certain I’ve got the energy to handle NaNoWriMo in November, however. That took a lot out of me. Still, it was awesome.

This will also be the first year in which Scrivener has been my full-time writing platform. It was wonderfully gratifying to begin “Painfully Hopeful 2016” this morning. Now it will be simple for me to figure out how many words I’ve written for the blog in 2016 6!

  1. I confess I woke up and forgot the calendar had shifted. 
  2. Believe it or not, but Baptists were the ones who fought for full religious freedom in the early Republic. 
  3. They yell, “Beans!” and decaf is their weakness. 
  4. Or I can have people dress up like zombies, go to Starbucks, and photograph on the sly. It might be a Halloween thing. 
  5. I’ve got a drone! 
  6. Yes, I’m a nerd. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    The year ahead for you looks quite full. May it be filled with awesome blessings. This reader. Is looking forward to it.

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