New Year’s Walk

It was an unseasonably warm beginning to the new year in the Delaware Valley [^1], so I decided I had to get out with my camera to take some pictures.

Resolve to Change

This morning I archived the Scrivener project for my 2017 blog posts. And thus begins a new year.

Down To The River

New Year’s Eve was a lot of fun. We had some neighbors over and pretty much laughed 2016 into retirement 1. My head finally hit the pillow sometime around 1:30 AM. Saying up to such a late/early hour, however, comes with consequences. While my body got out of bed around 8 AM to get ready…

A Comic Thought

I was not going to do one of these posts, but eventually I just had to. 2016 was, indeed, a mess. The politics of my native country sunk into the realm of reality TV, more icons from my childhood died than I care to admit, and people all around me pretty much seemed to give…