New Year’s Walk

It was an unseasonably warm beginning to the new year in the Delaware Valley [^1], so I decided I had to get out with my camera to take some pictures.

Resolve to Change

This morning I archived the Scrivener project for my 2017 blog posts. And thus begins a new year.

Down To The River

New Year’s Eve was a lot of fun. We had some neighbors over and pretty much laughed 2016 into retirement 1. My head finally hit the pillow sometime around 1:30 AM. Saying up to such a late/early hour, however, comes with consequences. While my body got out of bed around 8 AM to get ready…

A Comic Thought

I was not going to do one of these posts, but eventually I just had to. 2016 was, indeed, a mess. The politics of my native country sunk into the realm of reality TV, more icons from my childhood died than I care to admit, and people all around me pretty much seemed to give…

Welcome to 2016

My family and I spent New Year’s Eve driving from Williamsburg, VA to our home in NJ. Traffic was wonderfully sparse, but after the long trip home pretty much all we wanted to do was go to bed. We’re not much fun to celebrate New Year’s with, I guess. My son, on the other hand,…