A Tale of Two Photographs

This past week I had several moments when I caught something with my eye and felt compelled to reach for a camera. I figured I’d share them to close out my blogging week 1.

The first shows how you don’t necessarily have to have the best camera on hand in order to compose a visually compelling image 2. I was inspired to take the image below while testing a video conferencing app on my MacBook late one night. Aside from my computer screen, there were no other lights on in the room, and the reflection off of my glasses was amazing. Inspired, I fired up phonebooth and captured my shot using my MacBook’s camera.

The combination of extreme low-light and a low resolution camera combined for an extremely grainy image, but I imported the photo into Photoshop and uses some filters to turn the grain into an artistic flair. This image is currently my profile image on Facebook.

Computer Screen reflecting off my glasses, causing a glow.

The second came to me last night as my wife and I were leaving Palmyra’s Community center. A thick fog was falling on the town, riding in front of a strong front coming into our area. As I gazed at the halo’s surrounding the headlights of the cars passing by I thought, “I wonder if the Riverton Boathouse is lit up tonight?” So I dropped my wife off at home and drove by the river to check.

The lights were on, and I went home to pick up my camera, my “shutter-hubby” neighbor 3, and my wife. I think my wife wanted to see what the two of us do when grab our cameras and disappear.

I used qDSLRdashboard to change my camera settings, with my iPhone as the live viewer, to experiment with my shots.

My favorite exposure was taken with the ISO 400 and a with the aperture open for 8 seconds. I love the way the light spills across the water. If you would like to see my other exposures, you can check out my Flickr Album.

Fogged in Riverton Boathouse

Winter gets a bit thin for photography opportunities around here, particularly when there is no snow or ice because the temperature has been so warm. This was was a wonderful chance to see the world as living and vibrant, even as Winter begins to crash upon us.

  1. Yes, technically Sunday is the first day of the week. But my “week end” is really Monday since that’s my day off. Sunday is the day I work toward all week, I think of it as the end of my week. Clear as mud? Good. 
  2. One day I will move to full-frame, though. Somehow. 
  3. This is how his wife refers to us, “The Shutter Hubbys.” I keep trying to get him to join Flickr.