Footprints in the snowAll people are searching for something. We search for validation, security, comfort, love, and belonging. Happily, many of us locate these needs in relatively healthy ways 1. This is what allows families to bond, friendships to develop, and communities to form. If we didn’t search for these things, we’d be a species of hermits.

Sadly, many people also search for these things in unhealthy ways – clinging to the temporary bliss of addiction, the false security of an abusive relationship, and even the comfort of living under the weight of authoritarianism. This type of pursuit dehumanizes us 2, and breaks our Creator’s heart. God wants us to be whole.

Searching is something we all do, but when we find evidence of a trail we need to consider to what end it will take us.

  1. Emphasis on “relatively,” we’re all have our own pathologies. 
  2. And, let’s be honest, we’ve all been on this type of search as well.