Water begin poured into a sink

After an extraordinarily busy month 1, I confess I am thirsty. Thirsty for rest. Many good things have been going on, but each has bumped my normal rhythm and knocked me off pace. It’s a bit like begin beaten with a bag of marshmallows. It won’t do lasting harm, but at some point you just need to shout “Stop it!” This is the point I have reached.

This morning I’ve had two wise people advise me to get some rest. A third looked at me and declared, “You look tired.” So I’m going to take the hint and rest. I do this so that I’ll be able to live rightly with other people 2.

I’m basically thirsting for a breather so that I can take Jesus call to “hunger and thirst for righteousness 3” with the care it deserves. We all need time to slow down, some of us more than others.

  1. Keeping in mind I am a strong introvert. My “busy” might look like a light load to an extrovert. 
  2. The Bible calls this “righteousness” – living in “right relationships” with our fellow creatures and with God. 
  3. Matthew 5:6 

2 Thoughts

  1. Life is an adventure ! No matter what we are going through we just have to accept it and go with it.. and if it’s a bad thing we only have to fight to make it to the best way.

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