Theatre Curtain - with the words "we change in the light" overlaid upon it.

I’ve never been very comfortable out in public. Small talk terrifies me, and I usually can’t get beyond, “So, what are you up to?” before I run out of things to say. This is probably why acting appealed to me when I was younger. The spotlights would go on, the curtain would open, and for a few blessed hours I could be somebody else. Someone who, hopefully, was much more socially competent than me.

When I was called by Christ a spotlight more powerful than any I encountered on stage illuminated my entire being. I discovered many things about myself I didn’t like, and many more I that I found I needed to embrace. When the “curtain” went up on my discipleship journey I began a journey of transformation.

The longer the light stays on me, the more I am transformed into someone new.

May the curtain always stay up, and the light of Christ on my soul.

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  1. Is that because you are used to read,,hear, and speak higher level of thinking more frequently and not much ” social” stuff?

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    1. I wouldn’t complement myself that way. I WOULD say I’m more comfortable in my head
      than outside it

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