There is no such thing as a "blank slate."There is no such thing as a “blank slate.”

When people come to a moment of creative action they have been preparing, consciously or unconsciously, for that work. Personal experience, emotional state, deliberate study, and the mental image of what “might be” all coalesce to be birthed as an artist’s creative endeavor. Life combines with dream in order to shape the world in some small way.

This is, at least, how I feel when I find myself sitting before the “blank page” of Scrivener’s composition mode 1. It’s a moment in which all I’ve thought, been, done, and dreamed narrow their focus in my mind and call me to create.

Sometimes, allowing myself to be lost in the process takes a great deal of energy. In fact, there are times in which I don’t feel like writing the next blog post, or promotional material, or narrative, or sermon. The draw to create, however, is almost impossible to deny. As I write, weariness fades to the background and I am lost in the joy of shaping my thoughts and giving them form.

I feel this joy because my life has prepared me for creative action, and writing is only one way in which I follow this call. Photography, graphic manipulation 2, and teaching 3 also spring from the ways I’ve been prepared to create. Together, they are how I live 4.

For what live-giving activities has your life prepared you?

  1. Which is shown in the picture. 
  2. I would not have the audacity call myself a “graphic designer.” I’m really a glorified hack. 
  3. If you don’t feel teaching is a creative action, I feel sorry for your soul. 
  4. In case you were wondering, these endeavors were fully unlocked in my soul when Christ called me to the cross. I’d always been creative. I loved legos, writing stories in my head, singing, and acting – but the joy of losing myself in those activities didn’t explode until after my conversion. Christ taught me the true joy in creativity is in giving oneself to others, lifting them up. 

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  1. I never thought of that! All my life I have naturally created stories,and pictures and drama using puppets. Since the day I gave my life,my all Christ has used these activities in his work but I never thought of the preparation. I am still chewing on it.

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