Today I am feeling immense relief.

In the grand scheme of things loosing a hard drive, even one which contains important data, isn’t the end of the world. There are far greater issues in the world with which to wrestle. And yet, that drive contained a collection of a significant portion of my creative energy over the last few years. Losing it would have been a painful wound.

Thankfully, I didn’t lose a thing.

Time Machine did it’s job perfectly. After completing the restoration process I opened up Lightroom and found my library exactly as I had left it. The memories were intact, and for that I am grateful.

In order to celebrate the restoration of my photo library, I scanned through my images to find something worth sharing here on the blog. It didn’t take me too long to stumble across the image below.

Williamsburg is my absolute favorite place. I love to take photographs, listen to the history, and expand both my critique and appreciation of the Revolutionary Period. Williamsburg is paradise for a history nerd with a penchant for photography.

This is an image of the garden center, located just across from Bruton Parish Church. It’s a fun location to stroll, and the combination of the path and branches create an ideal frame for an old well.

Garden Center at Colonial Willisamburg

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  1. Memories are so important. I am so glad all is well. Bless your creative spirit

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