The fence

My daughter has taken steps to create a small vegetable garden in our back yard. I appreciate her efforts, especially since said yard is a mess of dirt, moss, and weeds 1. A vegetable garden is a huge improvement.

After waking this morning I noticed how the previous night’s rain was clinging to the chickenwire fence surrounding the vegetable patch. So I decided to step outside and capture some photos. If I’d been out a bit earlier it would have been a bit more impressive, but I had to wait for my coffee to brew and by that time some of the droplets had already fallen 2. Even so, I’m pleased with how this image turned out 3. In post-caffeinated hind-sight, I realized I should have shot with a higher aperture to bring more of the frame into focus, but it’s still pretty!


  1. Don’t ask. 
  2. Photography is, perhaps, my favorite creative compulsion after writing. But coffee is coffee
  3. Regular readers may be wondering if current focus on photography stems from my profound relief that my Time Machine backup saved me from a dead drive. This is would be absolutely correct

2 thoughts on “The fence

  1. You see beauty in the simple, common things and places? I rejoice in your creative impulses oh, thank your time machine for me.

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  2. I was thinking…. If you enlarged that rain drop, would you see a reflection of any thing?

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