Water colored

Yesterday the Philly area returned to the gloomy skies we had been under the week before. Around 5 o’clock, however, something wonderful happened. The clouds thinned and finally broke, revealing lovely blues and pinks as the Sun began its descent to the horizon.

After a day of rain the humidity was up rather high, but not uncomfortably so. The lingering haze changed the light enough to give things an almost Fall cast. The shadows were wonderful, and the dipping Sun created some lovely silhouettes.

The photo below was my favorite of the evening. The silhouetted geese float water subtly painted by the colors of the impending sunset. Beautiful.

ISO 200
1/1000 sec

silhouetted geese swimming in a painted Delaware River


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  1. I love it. It is a picture of tranquility. We need that after a busy day. Thank you.

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