Isn’t it iconic?

I don’t often take photos of people. It’s probably my introverted nature, but pointing at camera at a person feels like a violation of personal space – even when those people are out in public with no reasonable expectation of privacy 1. When people are pictured in my photo walks I’ll often capture their likeness from behind. I’m more interested in what captures people’s interest than the people themselves.

There are times when I come across an image so compelling I break from my introverted mold and request permission to capture someone’s likeness. Such was the case yesterday when I passed by this gentleman while out walking with my son. The image of him sitting on an old stump, quietly enjoying a soda on a lovely day, caught my interest as a moment of peace. It’s an iconic image of small-town life, and when I developed the photo in Lightroom I decided to give a look as iconic as the pose.

Some people crave moments of largeness and feel of adrenaline coursing through the body. I crave moments of quiet clarity, and this is why this image is one of my favorite.

An older gentleman relaxes on an old stump.

  1. The only exception is when people are performing. Then all bets are off. 

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  1. That could be my grandfather, ” sit tin’ and thinking about nothin” He would go for a walk and find something sit on. That is an excellent photo of quiet reflection.

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