Surf’s up


Yesterday I was able to scratch out some time to do a quick edit of my action cam footage from LBI. I actually brought it over into Final Cut, just in case I wanted to apply the fisheye correction filter I’d purchased the other week. As has been my experience with other “high motion” footage captured with the camera, however, I didn’t find the fisheye effect distracting. So the brief video below is how it appeared coming out of the camera.

In my previous tests I’d also noticed highlights were often blown out, so for this particular test I reduced the exposure a few stops. It really helped create a more natural feel to the footage.

My only regret is I didn’t take it out into the surf more 1.

  1. The hacked-up wrist strap I was using felt a bit clunky, and I was having difficulty reviewing footage in the bright light. Had I seen how good it turned out, I might not have come out of the surf until the battery drained.