Longwood Gardens


Friday my family and I visited Longwood Gardens. It’s a brilliant botanical preserve in Longwood, PA and one which I’ve been meaning to visit for years.

Being the wise and intelligent people we are, we decided to visit the gardens on the hottest day of the year. This meant we only managed to walk about half the park before we simply ran out of energy 1. This bummed me out, as there were two areas I really wanted to visit, but the lack of shade in those areas led even me to pass on the trek. Thanks to a friend from Central Baptist, we have a family membership for the year, so I’ll be heading back in slightly cooler weather.

The highlight of the gardens is, by far, the large conservatory. This massive greenhouse hosts several different environments, and the sheer number of plants inside is staggering. During the Summer Longwood Gardens displays water flowers in the central courtyard, and these may have been some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

If I have one complaint about the gardens is visiting them makes me feel as though I’m on photographers overload. There’s almost nothing which I didn’t desire to fame in a picture 2.

My favorite water flower photo is below, to see my full gallery on Flickr, please follow this link.

Water flower in Longwood Gardens

  1. And water. 
  2. This is a “complaint.” Just go visit this place.