Princeton Battlefield

Memorial colonnade to the battle
These columns were originally part of a home in Philadelphia. They were later donated to the State of NJ and made into a memorial at the Princeton Battlefield.

Princeton Battlefield park is a relatively small area commemorating the Continental Army’s bold decision to secretly move around a British column of 8000 Regulars and attack their rear. The battle was relatively short, but fierce, and the Continental victory forced the British to cede the bulk of The Jersey’s to the Patriots. It’s a key point in the Revolution and is worth the visit.

For me, the most stirring monument in the park is a secluded stone porch which marks the graves of both British and American soldiers who died in the battle. The inscription on it condemns no one, but honors the humanity of those who wore both uniforms.

Would that we human-beings would find a common humanity in life, as we seem to be able to recognize in death.

Memorial Plaque over the graves of those fallen at the Battle of Princeton