Nifty iOS Scrivener Trick

Correction: I incorrectly noted that quick reference documents couldn’t be edited in iOS Scrivener. Actually, they can be edited. Thanks for the correction @ScrivenerApp!

One is my favorite features in Scrivener is Composition Mode. In this mode the rest of the operating system fades away and I’m left with the closest I can get to a sheet of paper feeding through a rich-text typewriter as is possible.
Sadly, it also removes one of Scrivener’s coolest features, the split pane editor. In this view an author can open two different documents, or the same document in different positions, and work in both panes simultaneously. It’s pretty amazing and, after some searching I figured out how to open two documents in Composition Mode. I use this trick to write my “author’s notes” posts for Welcome to the Valleys.

Writing in full-screen view on iOS is almost as nice as writing in Scrivener’s Composition Mode1, and it turns out I can set up the app to view two documents at once. The second document can’t be edited, as it can in desktop Scrivener’s split-pane view, but it’s still useful as a reference tool — especially for viewing reference or world-building materials when writing a piece.

This feature is accessed by opening up a document in the editor, then swiping left on another document, tapping “more,” and then tapping “quick reference.” I’ve embedded a short video on the technique below.

  1. I miss my background image, though. 


  1. Peg Horton says:

    For your skill and creative writing only the the best device will do.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. wezlo says:

      Thanks Peg. As long as it works well is all I ask. Scrivener is both extremely functional and, objectively, one of the best writing tools in existence.

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