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Title: Painfully-Hopeful-2016
Author: Wes Allen
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Several weeks ago we were driving home at night and I happened to look toward Center City Philadelphia1 just as we were crossing over the Cooper River. I said to my friend, “We need to get back here.” He agreed.

Unfortunately, we’ve been caught in a heat wave with insane humidity since that evening – which would have made taking pictures near impossible. Today, however, the weather broke and the clouds mostly cleared up. We decided to go for it.

There was still a bit more haze over Center City than I would have liked, but not enough I couldn’t get a decent image. I again decided to shoot in full manual, using my wireless tether to adjust settings on the fly. It worked out well, and by the time the Sun’s light had all but gone I found a sweet spot for exposure, depth-of-field, and sensor noise. Sadly, the Cooper River bridge is rather busy, and my tripod isn’t the most stable in the world, so most of my longer exposures suffer from camera shake. Even with this presence, though, I’m still pleased with the results.

For the last photos of my set I began to experiment with higher ISO settings with a wider aperture. The photo below is the best of these.

ISO 1000
1/3 sec

Philly Skyline, taken from the Cooper River Bridge

  1. Philly doesn’t have a “downtown.” We have “Center City.” If you ask where downtown is, people might send you to Center City, but they’ll sigh. They might also swear at you. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    WOW what a wonderful / no a magnificent sight.

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