Sick day


I am well into my 14 year as the Pastor of Central Baptist Church, today will be only the second time I’ve missed worship because of illness.

Some people might think, “Yay, day off!” But that’s not me. I look forward to worship, and feel unbalanced when I’m unable to participate. To me, worship is a mystical gathering which tangibly manifests the Kingdom of Heaven here in the present age. In worship I find myself surrounded not only by the people who are physically present with me, but by all the Saints in Heaven and on Earth. It’s a special time.

I know people who believe worship is time we spend singing together. I know other people who believe worship is when the pastor gets up and preaches. I also know people who don’t like to sing, or who find sermons tedious, and so think worship doesn’t “fill” them. This is shame, because what we’ve been taught is actually wrong. Worship isn’t singing or a sermon or a show. Worship is the communion of saints before their living Lord1.

Today, I’ll miss this wonderful manifestation of Jesus’ kingdom. And I’m kinda bummed.

  1. In other words, I don’t understand why Protestants spend so much time minimizing the importance of the Lord’s Supper in worship. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    Worship is so much a part of me.Even though I find myself worshiping all through the day, worshiping with my brothers and sisters in Christ is so special. Please take care and get better. I’ll be praying for you.

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