Late August River


Last week, between my recovery from my stomach bug and the oppressive humidity, I wasn’t feeling up to walking out and about to take pictures. I managed to see my daughter’s show, and get some pictures of the production, but I like to be “out and about” when I photographing the world.

This week, however, the humidity dropped and my system was back on an even keel. So the first opportunity I got I grabbed my camera and ventured out into the world. Tonight, I was finally able to pull the images off my SD card and was extremely pleased with the results. I love the light between late August and late September, and the image below shows why.

The Sun was about to set, but the light hadn’t yet turned orange. The combination of a good wind and the low angle of the light, however, created amazing sparkles off the water. And these were made all the more lovely by having my depth of field take them out of focus.

ISO 160
1/200 sec