Out for a Walk

I enjoy taking walks, there’s something peaceful about aimless ambling about the neighborhood which clears my head. Ever since I’ve had a DSLR my walks have taken on new aspect, I began wandering aimlessly as in search of beauty. Then I got an Apple Watch and the walks took on yet another aspect. When I take walks I’m closing my fitness circles, and the circles must be closed 1.

So now my walks fulfill three wonderful needs of my daily life. I track my exercise, I search for beauty, and I clear my head 2. Trifecta!

On Tuesday I decided I wouldn’t eat lunch, and instead take my camera to Sayen Gardens for a noon-time stroll. The light was a bit harsh, and we’re passing through some unseasonable heat and humidity for mid-October, but I it was nice to stretch my legs for a bit under two miles and take in life. The gardens were empty, so I didn’t even need to utter polite words of greeting. I walked in silence, took photos in silence, and cleared my head in silence. What a nice time.

My favorite image from the walk is below. Many of the trees are distressed by the lack of rain in August and Early September, so their leaves aren’t changing as much as dying. But in one small grove I was able to walk into the fire of Fall.

Fall leaves of orange and yellow and red
The reds, oranges, and yellows are stunning.

  1. Insert the tune of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” here. 
  2. Sometimes I also catch Pokémon.