Out of the Shadows

Over the course of the last week most of the color has departed from the trees. The yellow’s are still hanging on, I’ve noticed they tend to appear later in the season, but most of the remaining leaves have turned brown or have fallen to the ground. Such is the nature of mid-November in the Delaware Valley.

I don’t typically enjoy outdoor photography in the Winter months. I am fascinated by the ice flows on the Delaware, and the first snow is always a wonder to capture with my camera 1, but I miss the sound of leaves in rustling in the wind. It’s something to which I look forward every Spring, even though it means I’ll be lost in the fog of allergies. I will probably do some more captures this Winter than pervious years, however, as my Apple watch compels me to get up and out 2. But its never the same.

The image below is from last weekend. I’m drawn from the depiction of looking out from shadow and into the light. Christian spirituality calls Jesus’ disciples to do the same. We are called to walk in the darkness, while always angling ourselves to better reflect light into the world. We are meant to be a beacon of hope which shadow cannot overcome. Sadly, as so many people who claim Christ as savior have grasped for power and control, the church now looks more like a shadow bent on swallowing the light of compassion and hope. I pray we repent.

Looking from the late afternoon shadows, toward the light of an open golf course fairway.
Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm lens
ISO 125
1/250 sec

  1. After that, I want the dang awful white stuff to go away and never come back. 
  2. Must…close…the…circles