Pausing for Breath

I’ve been attempting to ponder today’s post for much of the day, but the words kept on failing me. Mostly because I have a policy about posting.

I never post angry 1.

Posting angry, whether it be on Facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, a blog, email, or an other form of social sharing never ends well. I understand the need for catharsis, the Bible is filled with it, but there is both healthy and unhealthy catharsis. Posting while angry in social media is most certainly unhealthy.

When we post angry our voices tend to echo back one of two things – an amplification wave of agreement which further riles up our anger, or a dissonance wave which unsettles us and leaves us even more angry. Either way, the result is always more anger.

This serves no constructive purpose and frankly, may even be demonic 2.

I am not saying to people who are upset with the election result, “Grow up, get over it and stop whining.” I am one if the people deeply troubled with the impact this election may have and has already had 3.

If you are a person telling people to stop whining, please understand this is a contemptuous response on the part of a victor. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with protests against the election results or why people are bothered by Donald Trump’s elevation to the highest office in the country. If you claim to be better be better, and not just a little bit, by orders of magnitude. Otherwise, you are simply part of the problem.

I feel the need to also speak to those running around with the mantra “not my president.” I have spent the last eight years correcting conservatives for saying the exact same thing. It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump is a categorically worse type of person than President Obama, the same is true. Disagree all you want. And absolutely work for a better vision of America than the one to which his policies will lead us, but same truth which Trump supporters must accept is also true for you. If you claim to be better than be better, and by orders of magnitude.

So, please. Stop posting angry. It won’t solve many of the problems we face as a society, but it will contribute to a de-escalation of anger’s echo chamber. And perhaps it might give people space to breathe and search for a healthy means of catharsis.

It certainly couldn’t hurt.

  1. At least, that is my goal. 
  2. If you’re not spiritual, you can just say, “it reveals only the basest aspects of human nature.” 
  3. Not only is Nazi imagery appearing in far too many places, there’s video of students in middle school in York, PA shouting, “White power” in the halls. Additionally, even being accused of supporting Trump can now apparently warrant a beat down. It’s disturbing how angry people are all too willing to inflict suffering on other human beings while ignoring the pain they create.