Land of Ice and Snow

Today brought the first Winter storm of the season to the Philly area. Overnight it began as snow, but by the time sunrise came the temperature had warmed significantly and the precipitation had turned to rain 1. The end result of this change over in our neighborhood is an inch or so of slush on the ground, including the streets and sidewalks. It makes for messy travel, but requires less maintenence 2. This has my wife bummed, since she adores snow.

While I am glad to be spared the need to shovel, a “world of slush” is far less fun to capture with my camera than a covering of fluffy white powder. So, while I am enjoying a day indoors, I am slightly bummed to not have the opportunity to capture my first snow photos of the season 3.

We did, however, get some ice, which enveloped the newly barren branches of the trees in our front yard. I have mixed feelings toward ice fall. The photographer in me relishes the images I can capture when it comes, but I also know what an upheaval ice can cause to people’s lives. With our temperatures being what they are, however, we’ve gotten the best form of ice — much of the beauty but none of the “I’m hitting my breaks and yet I’m still moving toward that car in front of me down the hill, and why am I suddenly spinning?” moments which often follow ice storms.

This means pretty pictures!

I captured this image of the tree in our front yard from our bedroom window 4.

Ice Enveloped Tree Branch
Nikon D7000 with 55-300mm lens
ISO 320
ƒ 5.3
1/100 sec

  1. This is not an uncommon occurrence in the Delaware Valley. 
  2. It’s going to become increasingly warmer throughout today and all through the night, so nothing will refreeze. 
  3. Generally, I dislike snow, but the first snow is ok. It’s every subsequent snow I can do without. 
  4. Whenever I set my tripod up in our front window I warn my wife I’m about to go “full nerd,” she always counters with the correction, “No, you’re going full-stalkerish.” Artists suffer for their passion.