Potential Third Novel – “The Parallel”

I believe I’ve mentioned one of my Christmas presents being an Apple Pencil. I’m actually surprised by how much I enjoy the device, and have been playing around with it to compose composite images in Pixelmator.

My favorite of these has two separate images as a base. First is the silhouette of several friends down by the Delaware River. The photo from which this element was taken was captured near sunset, so it was easy to select the group and turn it into a vector using Adobe Capture CC. Second is a photograph of the Tacony-Palmyra bridge, which takes part of it’s name from the town in which I live. I used the pencil to give the silhouette some texture, and also add fog to the background. I love the way it turned out.

Silhouette friends by a foggy river
Earlier this week I was examining the composite in my photo library and thought, “There has to be a story behind this image.” The friends look contemplative and the fog, with the hint of the bridge in the distance, evokes a sense of a secret waiting to be revealed. It made me ponder.

My pondering has led to the basis of a third novel which will actually be based in my town of residence. The four friends in the image will be the main characters, and there will be an alternate reality involved somehow 1. This alternate plane is where the tentative story derives its name, The Parallel. Some of the kids in our youth group are involved in geocaching, and the treasure hunt nature of that game will play a big role as well.

Right now the plans are tentative. I’m still working out the setting, how the two realms are related, and have rejected more plot ideas than I care to admit. I do know I want to avoid a big “save the world” plot — The Parallel needs to be a much more intimate story. I also know the characters will shift back and forth in this narrative, they’ll be less “fish out of water” and more “kids with the coolest secret hide out ever.” I’m really looking forward to using a real-world setting for the backdrop. It’ll be fun to see how the different areas of town play into the tale.

So that’s my big reveal for Friday. I very happy to let you all actually see the genesis of this idea. Inspiration can strike from anywhere.

  1. This seems to be a recurring theme in my fiction projects, I guess reality isn’t good enough for me.