What’s the Point?

Pastoring is not about becoming
I have to confess, I’m tired.

I’m tired of conversations about worship being little more than marketing pow-wows. I’m tired of discussions in which the acts of singing, preaching, prayer, and offering are projected through the lens of, “What makes us look good?”

Now, the people who reduce worship discussions to audience demographics are not bad folks. They’re very sincere folks who have a desire to communicate the Gospel to as many people as they can. But no one has ever taught them worship is really the yielding of ego, and not the stroking of it.

This celebration of ego in church life and worship has lead to the push of pastors who need to put themselves out into the world as far as they possibly can, and to look good while doing it. So worship shifted to production, and the good news of Jesus transmogrified into the good news of “this incredible church which is so different than the churches you know.”

Maybe it’s because I’m a natural introvert. Maybe it’s because I have difficulty keeping connections with vast numbers of people. Or maybe it’s just good theology. But I didn’t become a pastor to spread my face out into the world. Fame, even the small slice of it which exists in church circles and the internet world, is not something I desire.

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  1. You’d have gotten along smashingly with my dad. 🙂

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